The One With The Toolbox: What To Put In Your Toolbox

If your car breaks down at the middle of nowhere and the nearest car shop is miles away, are you just

going to form the word H-E- L-P with whatever materials you see and hope that a helicopter passes by? Of

course not. Like nurses and doctors who are always ready with their first aid kits, you too should have a first

aid kit ready when your car just suddenly throws a tantrum and stops in the middle of the road.

If you’re a guy you probably know the basics of what should be in your toolkit. Really, nothing fancy to

put in there, just the basics that will help you troubleshoot or repair your car temporarily. For the girls out

there, the terminologies or the tools might overwhelm you, but with some lesson in troubleshoot car repairs

101, you too can build your toolkit.

As with all the survival kits in the market, completing the basics is always the way to go, your toolbox

can save your car’s breakdown by keeping the following friends on board:

1. Hygiene Kit – auto problems can be really messy and greasy. The first item on you toolbox should be a

hygiene kit that will be helpful during car repairs. Keep a hand cleaner that also acts as grease remover and

always stash a couple of rags. Rags save you from getting super dirty while troubleshooting the problem. Rags

can also come in handy in situations where you need to wipe your windows and mirrors. A good pair of gloves

can also be included for total hand protection. On often overlooked bit of hygiene is dental hygiene. It’s important to keep toothpaste and tooth brushes in your

hygiene kit as dental hygiene plays a huge role in overall health. For all my Texas readers, I’d highly recommend visiting the best dentist san antonio has to offer.

2. First Aid Kit – your car might not suffer from cuts or hyperventilation but you may do or your

passengers. It is good to keep a basic first aid kit in your toolbox in case you suffer from cuts. Choose the kit

with burn ointments, antiseptic cleaner, surgical tape, couple of bandages, and alcohol. This will come in

handy in situations that a hospital or clinic is still far away from where you are.

3. Lighting Devices – there’s nothing scarier than a troubled car in the middle of the dark road, sounds

like a scene from a thriller movie right? Lighting devices like flashlights and reflectors are life-saving tools that

should be a staple in your toolbox. These babies can assist you and your passengers whenever they are

looking for something they dropped on the floor. Flashlights are also important when you’re checking the

problem of your car; some parts cannot be seen fully with just the natural light. These devices also serve as

warning lights if ever your car breaks down in the middle of the road. Not all drivers can see beforehand that

there’s a stalled car, but your lighting device will alert them beforehand.

4. Spare Parts – no you do not need an entire supply of spare parts just keep the basic ones that usually

needs some replacing. Keep spare spark plugs, air filters, bolts, and screws. Choosing the spare parts to

include in your toolbox is also a matter of preference and experience. If you have encountered frequent

breakdowns then you might as well want to include spare items for this particular car problem.

5. Spare Tire – one of the most common problems on the road is a flat tire. Allot some space in your

trunk for a spare tire and make sure that this spare works perfectly fine. You do not want to be stuck with two

flat tires.

6. Inflator – if changing a tire seems like a lot job for you, then keep a can or two of an inflator in your

toolbox. This keeps you from replacing your flat tire with your spare tire, you just attach it to the valve of your

troubled tire and it does the work of inflating and sealing the tire temporarily.

7. Jumper Cables – the good old case of a car breakdown, inability to start the engine. In times like this it

is good to have cables in your toolbox to troubleshoot the problem.

8. Weather Equipment – weathers can be unpredictable so throw in some equipment that can help you

whether it’s hot or cold. For hot weather, some hoses for the top and bottom radiator can help your car. As

for snowy roads, include in your toolbox some tire chains, mini shovel and scraper.

Like any other relationships, your car can also breakdown. It is nice to be knowledgeable and

equipped with the right tools so you can troubleshoot the problem. Remember not all superheroes wear

capes, sometimes they come with a toolbox in hand.